Khristine has worked for Loni & Cliff as an unlicensed assistant since 2011. Khristine’s duties are wide ranged and include all office duties as well as customer service which she excels at. Usually the first friendly voice you will be in contact with at Loni & Cliff’s office, Khristine is eager to care for all client’s needs and provide the high level of service our clients expect and deserve. Whether it is a Realtor making an appointment to show a home or it is a client that requires information, Khristine will get the job done in the most efficient, friendly way. We also refer to Khristine as ‘super Mom’ as she is married with 2 children and has been known to organize her childrens birthday parties and events months in advance. Her family keeps her busy between time at Hockey arenas, gymnastic venues, school functions and keeping connected with friends. Khristine is 100% committed, not only to her family but her position here at Loni & Cliff’s and we are so fortunate to have her as part of our team and family.