1. When Loni & Cliff and Associates represent you as a Buyer’s Agent, they will uphold your interests above all others. Loni & Cliff and Associates also provide a duty of loyalty, disclosure, skill, and accountability.

  2. Loni & Cliff and Associates have access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) which is the most complete database of properties for sale anywhere. When you work with Loni & Cliff and Associates, you are really working with 303 other local Realtors through a cooperative marketing system.

  3. Loni & Cliff and Associates make it their business to know the neighbourhood - locations of schools, services, recreation, and other amenities. Our team will save you time by sharing with you the benefits of their experience about neighbourhoods and individual properties. Loni & Cliff and Associates will do the research on your behalf, so that your home viewing time is spent productively.

  4. We will advise you regarding market conditions, financing alternatives, housing alternatives, and properties for sale. Loni & Cliff and Associates can help you determine a reasonable offer of purchase by providing a comparative market analysis and other information about the market and the property in which you are interested.

  5. When viewing a home for sale, Loni & Cliff and Associates can identify potential problem areas, or questions to bring up with the Seller and/or the Seller’s Agent. Loni & Cliff and Associates’ trained eyes will help you go beyond cosmetics to assess the property in a more substantive manner.

  6. Loni & Cliff and Associates are trained to better negotiate on the Buyer’s behalf. 

    1. Loni & Cliff and Associates can guide you in choosing a home inspector, mortgage broker, conveyancer or other legal advisors. We are well connected within the Professional Business Community and can put you in touch with the right reputable person.

    2. Our Team stays involved with the deal until the transaction is closed. Should any challenges arise during the transaction, Loni & Cliff and Associates have the experience to deal with it to your best advantage.

    3. Loni & Cliff and Associates are familiar with the complex laws and regulation that govern Real Estate transactions and are licensed to write a legally binding and enforceable contract. Our team has access to forms and clauses that have been proven over time to be very effective.

    10. Loni & Cliff and Associates must adhere to a rigorous code of ethics. This code of conduct, which is outlined in the Canadian Real Estate Association’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Business Practices, is carefully designed to protect clients and the public and to avoid errors, exaggeration, and misrepresentation of information. We at Loni & Cliff and Associates hold our standards high when it comes to ethics.